Country Area : 1,104,300 km2

Forested Area (1000 ha) : 12,499

UN-REDD Programme Partner Country : Yes (as of June 2011)

Type of UN-REDD Programme Support Received : Targeted support

FCPF Member : Yes

Active FCPF Grant Holder: Yes

Readiness Grant Holder: Yes

Carbon Fund: Yes

Support under the Warsaw Framework for REDD+

Targeted support is being provided to the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the National REDD+ Secretariat in supporting readiness efforts in a complementary way with the FCPF, exploring additional avenues and deepening the information and capacities on issues to foster transformative and policy-based approach to REDD+ strategy.

National REDD+ Strategy/Action Plan
Through targeted support the country has initiated an institutional and context analysis (ICA), and launched an economic valuation of its forest ecosystem with stakeholder consultations, involving government and non-government agencies. Scope and data availability for the assessment of the contribution of the forestry sector and forest ecosystems to the national economy of Ethiopia have been identified. For analyzing regional REDD+ readiness, a pilot region and approach has been selected in close consultation with the Federal authorities (Minister’s advisor and REDD+ Coordinator), Governor, and regional ministers and analytical work has been conducted to inform REDD+ Readiness plan in the pilot region of Beningshangul Gumuz. Maps were developed to quantify ecosystem services which will support decision making on REDD+ PAMs that deliver multiple benefits that takes better account of the full economic value of forests. In addition, support was provided to the Government to facilitate its preparation for knowledge exchange programmes with China and the Republic of Korea.

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Total Approved Targeted Support Amount (US$) 346,500
#   Timeline   Financial Information   Work Area (SNA Outcome)
Date of Request 17.10.2014
Date of Approval 22.10.2014
Implementation Period (Months) 8
Status Under Implementation
Amount Requested US$ 330,000
Amount Approved US$ 330,000
UN Agency Providing Support
Stakeholder Engagement
Green Economy and Private Sector


Lead National Institution: By the Ministry of Environment and Forest in collaboration with UNDP Country Office. The National REDD+ Secretariat is involved at all levels of the implementation.



 Ethiopia TS1 and TS2 (merged)

1.   Institutional context analysis report.

2.        Socio–economic valuation study[1] undertaken to understand the importance of Ethiopia’s forest ecosystem.

3.        Roadmap linking the value of Ethiopia’s forests to its national account.

4.        Learning exchange visits, lessons learnt and debriefing report.

5.        Regional REDD+ readiness situation analysis and progress reports.



#   Timeline   Financial Information   Work Area (SNA Outcome)
Date of Request 23.12.2014
Date of Approval 08.04.2015
Implementation Period (Months) 10
Status Under Implementation
Amount Requested US$ 0
Amount Approved US$ 16,500
UN Agency Providing Support
Green Economy and Private Sector


Lead National Institution: Ministry of Environment and Forest


See Ethiopia TS1. The Socio–economic valuation study for which additional support was approved is integrated with the activities under the first targeted support approved.

Additional support under the proposal navigating REDD+ readiness and designing a model for regional REDD+ under the UNFCCC Warsaw Framework.

Socio–economic valuation study undertaken to understand the importance of Ethiopia’s forest ecosystem.

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