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The UN-REDD Programme regional support team, based in Bangkok, provides support to UN-REDD Programme partner countries in the region through:

  • Regionally Harmonized Technical Assistance: helps REDD+ Asia-Pacific countries build capacities for REDD+ and to meet UNFCCC requirements and guidelines, including those of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+. Support is adapted to national circumstances and based on globally acceptable quality standards, to develop the required elements of a national REDD+ programme (e.g. NFMS, SIS, REL, and National Strategy) and other elements required for a sustainable and effective REDD+ programme.

  • Thematic Area Support: provides regional adaptation and analysis of global guidance on thematic issues (e.g. safeguards, NFMS, multiple benefits, stakeholders engagement, gender) to support UN-REDD Programme country partners in effective application of thematic tools and guidance.

  • Regional Readiness Assessment: is regularly conducted through gathering of REDD+ readiness related information to identify capacity gaps and needs in order to deliver targeted support to REDD+ countries in Asia-Pacific.

  • Partnership Development: through awareness-raising, information sharing, thematic meetings and joint missions enables effective coordination and collaboration with development partners to jointly deliver highly coordinated and innovative support services to REDD+ countries in Asia-Pacific.

  • Knowledge Management: ensures that critical knowledge and lessons from REDD+ countries are gathered, analyzed and shared through an effective format to progressively enhance REDD+ readiness capacity throughout Asia-Pacific. Past and current knowledge management activities include:

  • Lessons Learned Workshops

    The Programme's regional team periodically organizes lesson-learned workshops, bringing together people working on REDD+ readiness in all partner countries. The first workshop was held in Bangkok in November 2010, and covered all aspects of REDD+ readiness. Since then, four more workshops have been organized in response to partner country demand.

  • Lessons Learned Brochures

    Since the initiation of the UN-REDD Programme, partner countries have developed examples of good practice. These lessons can enhance REDD+ readiness activities and implementation in other countries, and are disseminated through a set of “Lessons Learned Brochures” that cover the essential elements of REDD+ readiness. Download brochures.

  • Regional-scale REDD+ Readiness Database and Analysis

    In order to facilitate the provision of relevant and timely technical assistance to all REDD+ eligible countries in the Asia-Pacific region (not onlyUN-REDD Programme partner countries), the Asia-Pacific regional team has developed a database, which collects and analyzes a wide range of readiness related information. The results are extremely useful in understanding specific capacity gaps and potential areas of coordination and collaboration with development partners to maximize service effectiveness while avoiding unnecessary duplication. Results can be viewed here.

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