SEPAL Indonesia Event Satisfaction Survey

This document has the UN-REDD event survey results from the training workshop on the FAO SEPAL satellite image processing system.

Overall the training workshop was rated as highly successful by the overwhelming majority of the participants.  The evaluation report shows that the workshop was very effective to increase participant’s knowledge not only for the advancement of REDD+ in Indonesia but also to improve their own knowledge in area of NFMS. In addition, almost all participants (19 out of 21 or 90%) agreed that the combination of training methodologies used during this event with guided instruction and hand-on use on their own computer was very effective.

A number of topics were of particular interest to participants including the key topics for REDD+ of: Estimation of deforestation or degradation areas from satellite data; and Estimation of burned area from satellite data; in both these 30% of participants said they had moderate improvement and 70% had high improvement in their knowledge. 90% of participants said “I will use what I learned during the event” and 95% said “I will recommend colleagues or partners in the country to attend a similar event”.

Overall satisfaction was 84% very satisfied, and 16% satisfied with nobody unsatisfied.

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