Bhutan's Roadmap to Country Approach to REDD+ Safeguards

Bhutan's safeguards roadmap sets outs important steps for the development of Bhutan’s approach to safeguards and identifies roles and responsibilities for these actions. The roadmap also takes stock of existing platforms and systems that should inform the country approach and establishes a timeline and milestones for its development.

The drafting of the roadmap was coordinated by the Watershed Management Division of the Department of Forest and Park Division of Bhutan and benefited from the contributions of the members of the Technical Working Group on Safeguards, Governance and Benefit Distribution.  The roadmap builds on the findings of the 2015 ‘National Workshop on REDD+ Safeguards’, an initial review of policies, laws and regulations (PLRs) relevant to REDD+ safeguards in Bhutan, and on the results of a workshop held in 2012 on multiple benefits and REDD+ safeguards.

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