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A total of 140 climate and forestry professionals and experts from 50 countries participated in the UN-REDD webinar “Open Tenure: A mapping tool to enhance REDD+ efforts”. Hosted in English (24 May), French (31 May) and Spanish (24 May), the webinar showcased the basic workings of the Open Tenure tool and took a deeper dive into on-the-ground experiences from Guatemala, Tunisia and Uganda.

Secure tenure rights are recognized as an enabling condition for reducing deforestation and forest degradation. For this reason, FAO’s Open Tenure tool- an open-source application designed to help practitioners record tenure rights in the field- can help countries implement REDD+ strategies, while also benefiting local communities and indigenous peoples.

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Recordings of the webinar are available at the following links:

English version - Open Tenure: A mapping tool to enhance REDD+ efforts


Spanish version - Open Tenure: Una herramienta cartográfica para mejorar los esfuerzos de REDD+


French version - Open Tenure: Un outil cartographique pour améliorer les efforts de la REDD+ 

  • Présentation par Maria Paolo Rizzo, Officier des régimes foncier, FAO: Introduction sue l’outil Open Tenure:
  • Présentation par Jamel Kailene et M. Sahbi Bedheif: Expérience pays: Tunisie:


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