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This week representatives from a range of government, civil society and community organisations are meeting in Myanmar to review the country’s first Summary of Information on the safeguards.

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A Summary of Information is one of the three key requirements related to safeguards under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Countries participating in REDD+ must provide a summary of how safeguards have been addressed and respected during the implementation of REDD+ in order to be eligible for results-based payments.

Guided by a national Technical Working Group on Stakeholder Engagement and Safeguards (TWG-SES), Myanmar has made substantial progress in developing its national safeguards approach, designing its Safeguards Information System (SIS) and preparing its first Summary of Information through a participatory process. Following the workshop, the draft Summary will also be available on the Myanmar REDD+ website for a review period where comments and suggestions can be submitted by email.

For more information on safeguards work in Myanmar and other countries, please visit the Safeguards Hub.

For more information on REDD+ in Myanmar, please visit and the Myanmar REDD+ Programme on Facebook.



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