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To protect against potential risks and promote benefits from REDD+, seven safeguards must be supported throughout the implementation of REDD+ actions. These are known as the "Cancun safeguards", and were agreed at the 16th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate held in Cancun in 2010 (COP16).

Many UN-REDD partner countries are developing safeguards approaches and information systems with UN-REDD Programme support. To help share the latest information on country progress, this page includes links to workshop reports and materials (especially from 2015 onwards) as well as more formally published outputs. Spatial analysis products whose goals include safeguard support are found on the Multiple Benefits Country Resources Hub.

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A wealth of global knowledge products are also available on the Safeguards Technical Knowledge page.  



Progress on safeguard information systems (SIS) as at end of July 2019.

Progress on safeguards information systems Jan 2019

Progress on summaries of information as at end of  July 2019.

Progress on summaries of information Jan 2019 


Knowledge exchange between countries


  • REDD+ Implementation in Chad: Roadmap for the development of a country approach to REDD+ safeguards and analysis of social and environmental risks and benefits, September 2016. (French)

Cote d'Ivoire

  • Developpement d'un system d'information sur les sauvegardes environmentales et sociales pour la Cote d'Ivoire - Feuille de route, Mai 2018. (French)
  • Résumé d’information de la Côte d’Ivoire sur la prise en compte des garanties de la REDD+ sur la période 2015-2018. Juin 2019. (French)


  • Environmental and Safeguards Information Systems (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]
  • Ghana’s Country Approach to Safeguards Roadmap, draft V.2, December 2016 (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]
  • Framework of the SIS in Ghana, draft, September 2018 (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]
  • Ghana REDD+ Social and Environmental Principles, Criteria and Indicators. September 2018. (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]
  • Ghana’s First Summary of Information: How safeguards for REDD+ are being addressed and respected in Ghana. May 2019. (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]


  • Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) for the Implementation of REDD+ in Ethiopia including the Oromia Forested Landscape Programme (OFLP) Social Assessment (SA), February 2017 (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]


  • Liberia REDD+ Safeguards Information System (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]


  • Système d'information sur les sauvegardes (SIS) (French) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]
  • Elaboration et mise en place d’un système d’information sur les sauvegardes, rapport final, Août 2017 (French) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]


  • Nigeria's REDD+ Readiness Programme - Beyond Carbon: safeguards and multiple benefits from REDD+ workshop, November 2013. (Workshop report: English, materials: English)
  • REDD+ risks & benefits analysis for Cross River State, 2016. (Analysis: English; Background report: English)
  • Cross River State REDD+ Safeguards Principles & Criteria: Assisting the design of REDD+ policies and measures, March 2017. (English)

Republic of Congo

  • Principles, Criteria and Indicators for the REDD+ Process in the Republic of Congo, March 2015. (PCI-REDD+) (French)


  • Zambia’s First REDD+ Safeguards Summary of Information, May 2019. (English)



Knowledge exchange between countries

  • Regional Information Exchange Meeting on Social and Environmental Safeguards,March 2013. (Workshop material: English)
  • Expert Consultation Event, Safeguards and SIS, Thailand,March 2015. (Information note: English; Workshop material: English)
  • Asia South-South Event on REDD+ Safeguards, October 2017 (Workshop material: English).
  • REDD+ Safeguards and Safeguards Information Systems in the Asia-Pacific Region, May 2018. (Info brief: English)


  • Roadmap to country approach to REDD+ safeguards, March 2016. (English)


  • REDD+ Social and Environmental Safeguards Development and Implementation in Indonesia,August 2015. (English)
  • Safeguards Information System for REDD+ in Indonesia: Moving towards an Operational SIS-REDD+, September 2016. (English) [Produced without direct  UN-REDD support]
  • REDD+ Safeguards Information System in Indonesia, on-line (English and Indonesian) [Produced without direct  UN-REDD support]
  • Summary of information on how REDD+ safeguards are addressed and respected, submitted as sections - of Indonesia’s Third National Communication Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. January 2018. (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]


  • Report on Summary of Information on how REDD+ safeguards are addressed and respected, December 2016. (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]


  • Mongolia REDD+ benefits and risks assessment, August 2017. (Background report: English, Mongolian; Assessment table: English, Mongolian)
  • Review of safeguards relevant policies, laws and regulations, May 2018. (Report: English, Mongolian)
  • Clarification of the Cancun Safeguards, October 2018. (Working document: English, Mongolian)
  • REDD+ Safeguard Information System: Proposed structure functions and roles, October 2018 (Vol.1 Main report: English, Mongolian; Vol.2 Annexes and Workshop reports: English, Mongolian)
  • National REDD+ Safeguards Framework, November 2018  (EnglishMongolian)



  • REDD+ Safeguards Information System (English and Urdu) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]


  • REDD+ Safeguards Information System (Beta version). (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]

Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka's National Approach to REDD+ Safeguards, September 2016. (English)
  • Report on The Policies, Legislations and Regulations (PLR) Matrix, November 2016. (English)
  • Report on Benefits/ Risk Assessment as part of the Development of REDD+ Safeguards, November 2016. (English

Viet Nam

  • Safeguard Information System (SIS): Sharing progress on REDD+ Safeguards in Viet Nam (Pilot version 1.0) (English and Vietnamese).
  • First Summary of Information on How Safeguards for REDD+ Would be Addressed and Respected in Viet Nam, November 2018 (English)


Latin America and the Caribbean

Knowledge exchange between countries

  • Safeguards Information Systems Workshop, Peru, October 2013. (Workshop material: Spanish)
  • Practical experiences towards the implementation of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+: Opportunities and Challenges, Mexico, August 2015. (Workshop material: Spanish – session 7, safeguards)
  • Regional webinars on safeguards and safeguard information system, 2016. (News item: Spanish; Country approaches to safeguards (Spanish); designing an SIS (Spanish))
  • Regional webinar on participative processes and safeguards, April 2018. (News item: Spanish; webinar: Spanish)
  • UN-REDD Argentina safeguards dialogue, March 2018. (Workshop material: Spanish)


  • Summary of information on how the Cancun safeguards were addressed and respected by Brazil throughout the implementation of actions to reduce emissions from deforestation in the Amazon biome between 2006 and 2010, May 2015. (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]
  • Second summary of information on how the Cancun safeguards were addresses and respected by Brazil throughout the implementation of actions to reduce emissions from deforestation in the Amazon biome, July 2018. (English) [Produced without direct UN-REDD support]
  • Sistema de informação sobre salvaguardas, webpage (Portuguese) [Produced without direct  UN-REDD support]


  • Primer Resumen de Información: Abordaje, Respeto y Cumplimiento de las Salvaguardas para la Formulación de la Estrategia Nacional de Cambio Climático y Recursos Vegetacionales (ENCCRV) de Chile. February 2018. (Spanish)
  • Sistema de Información de Salvaguardas (Spanish)


  • Tercera Comunicación Nacional de Colombia a la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climático, ANEXO 3: Información de Salvaguardas REDD+ en Colombia énfasis en la Amazonia. [summary of information] 2017 (Spanish)
  • Segundo Resumen de Información de Salvaguardas para REDD+ en Colombia, Septiembre 2017 (Spanish)

Costa Rica

  • Insumo para el desarrollo de indicadores de seguimiento asociados a los beneficios múltiples de REDD+ en Costa Rica, 2017. (Technical report: Spanish)


  • Primer Resumen de Información del Abordaje y Respeto de Salvaguardas para REDD+ en Ecuador. March, 2017. (First summary of information: Spanish)
  • Definición del enfoque y alcance nacional de salvaguardas para REDD+: lecciones aprendidas de Ecuador. August 2017. (English , Spanish)
  • Diseño del Sistema de Información de Salvaguardas para REDD+. Documento resumen Ecuador. 2015 Spanish)
  • Alcance nacional de salvaguardas – Ecuador, 2016 (national interpretation of safeguards, Spanish)
  • Sistema de Información de Salvaguardas Spanish)


  • Interpretación de las salvaguardas REDD+ de la Convención Marco de las Naciones Unidas para el cambio climático en México, 2016. (Spanish)
  • Articulación del Sistema Nacional de Salvaguardas, December 2016. (Spanish)
  • Articulación del Sistema de Información de Salvaguardas, December 2016. (Spanish)
  • Sistema de información de salvaguardas (beta), October, 2017. (Spanish)
  • First Summary of information on how all the Safeguards referred to in Decision 1/CP.16, appendix I, are being addressed and respected in Mexico, December 2017. (English, Spanish)


  • Towards a national interpretation of the Cancún Safeguards and a proposal for the design of the Safeguards Information System in Paraguay, 2016. (Technical report, Spanish: high res, low res)
  • Sistema de Información de Salvaguardas del Paraguay (Spanish)
  • Primer Resumen de Información sobre El Abordaje y Respeto de las Salvaguardas de REDD+ en Paraguay para el Período 2011-2018. Junio 2019. (Spanish)




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